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Transfer Criteria 

Criteria for Tenant Initiated Transfers

Tenant requested transfers will only be approved if the head-of-household and all family members meet all of the following criteria consistently during the past twelve (12) months:

Tenant and all family members:

·         Have not engaged in criminal activity that threatens the health and safety of tenants and staff; and

·         Do not owe back rent or other charges, not including repayment agreements, or have a pattern of late payment; and

·         Meet reasonable housekeeping standards; and

·         Can get utilities turned on in the name of the head of household (applicable only to properties with tenant paid utilities, i.e., Dispersed New Construction or Substantial Rehab); and

·         Must have been a DHA resident for at least one year (transfers for reasonable accommodation or health and safety excluded)

Exceptions to the criteria may be made for emergency transfers or when it is DHA’s best interest (e.g. A single person is living alone in a three bedroom unit and does not want to move) to require the transfer.  The exception to the criteria will be made by the Central Transfer Administrator taking into account the recommendation of the Manager.

Types of Transfers Available

1.                   Administrative Transfers – these transfers include mandatory transfers, such as emergency and relocation transfers, as well as some tenant initiated transfers.

a.       Emergency – necessitated by an immediate, verifiable threat to life, health or safety of the resident or family members, such as unit uninhabitable due to fire, etc.

b.       Relocation – transfers for relocation efforts by DHA will be given priority, after Emergency transfers, and include, but not limited to, programmed units, modernization, demolition, and changing units to homeownership units.

c.       Health – a reasonable accommodation is required for all Health transfer requests. The forms (Request for Reasonable Accommodation and Health Providers Verification) can be printed off the internet.  The 504 Coordinator must approve all reasonable accommodations.  (Examples may include: need an accessible unit, ground floor unit, etc.)

d.       Non-Disabled – a transfer will be required when a non-disabled household is residing in an accessible unit and there is a disabled household in need of the accessible unit.

e.       Under-Housed – households need a larger unit.

f.         Over-housed – household needs a smaller unit.


2.                   Tenant Requested Transfers – These transfers are initiated by the tenant and approved in the sole and absolute discretion of DHA for the following reasons:

a.       Employment – employment, education, or training is dependent upon the need to be closer to the appropriate location.

b.       Upward Mobility – transfer will be considered for tenants who meet the basic transfer criteria and have the potential to be a participant in DHA’s Homeowner Program.

c.       Elderly-Designated – tenants requesting transfers to a building approved as designated for elderly must meet the basic transfer criteria and the age requirement of 62 years of age or older.

d.       Campus of Learners – tenants requesting transfers to the Campus of Learners must meet the basic transfer criteria and, once transferred, must meet the program requirements as stated in the Campus of Learners Lease Addendum.

e.       Other – for other extraordinary reasons, if recommended by Manager and Management Supervisor.

* Note:  DHA does not make “split family” transfers. 

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