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Barney FordElderly only1 Bedroom2024 ClarksonYes
Casa LomaElderly / Disabled1 Bedroom3850 Alcott St.Yes
Columbine HomesFamily1 to 4 Bedrooms201 S YumaYes
Connole ApartmentsElderly / Disabled1 Bedroom1710 WilliamsYes
Dispersed EastFamily2 to 4 BedroomsScattered SitesYes
Dispersed SouthFamilyStudio to 5 BedroomsScattered SitesYes
Dispersed WestFamily2 to 4 BedroomsScattered SitesYes
Eliot ElderlyElderly / Disabled1 to 2 Bedrooms1222 S FederalYes
Goldsmith VillageFamily2 to 4 Bedrooms4343 S SyracuseNo
Hirschfeld TowersElderly / DisabledStudio to 2 Bedrooms333 W. EllsworthYes
Lincoln ParkFamily1 to 4 BedroomsVariousNo
Mountain ViewElderly / Disabled1 to 2 Bedrooms1212 S FederalYes
Mulroy ApartmentsElderly / DisabledStudio to 1 Bedroom3550 W. 13thYes
North Lincoln ParkFamily3 to 4 Bedrooms1401 Mariposa St.Yes
North Lincoln Park Mid-riseElderly only1 Bedroom1425 Mariposa St.Yes
Platte Valley HomesFamily1 to 3 Bedrooms3058 ChampaYes
Quigg Newton HomesFamily1 to 4 Bedrooms4407 Mariposa St.Yes
Sun Valley HomesFamily1 to 5 Bedrooms990 Alcott WayYes
Syracuse PlazaElderly / Disabled1 Bedroom4333 S SyracuseYes
Tapiz at MariposaElderly / Disabled1 and 2 Bedrooms1099 OsageYes
Thomas Bean TowersElderly / Disabled1 Bedroom2350 Cleveland Pl.Yes
Walsh ManorElderly only1 to 2 Bedrooms1790 W. Mosier Pl.Yes
Walsh Manor AnnexElderly / DisabledStudio to 1 Bedroom1775 W Mosier Pl.Yes
Westridge HomesFamily1 to 4 Bedrooms3537 W. 13th Ave.Yes
Westwood HomesFamily1 to 5 Bedrroms855 S. Irving St.Yes