Denver Housing Authority's (DHA) Homeownership Program, a HUD Approved Counseling Agency and the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program provides financial fitness education, case management, and financial benefits.  DHA's staff provides financial assessments to determine what barriers a person faces on their journey to financial independence.


Credit Management

Credit management is a significant goal for most people who are trying to buy a home. As a Home Ownership Program participant, DHA staff will pull your credit report from all three credit bureaus, including credit scores, free of charge and provide credit counseling to ensure you understand how to read your credit report, improve your credit score and confirm correct information is reported on your credit report. 

Money Management

Budgeting, reducing debts, and saving money are major tasks for anyone who is working towards financial fitness.  Homeownership and FSS staff provide money management counseling to assist participants in developing an action plan to address these areas.


·   ​DHA’s Matching Savings Account (MSA) DHA offers a Matching Savings Account for DHA Residents enrolled in the Homeownership Program.  For every dollar that a participant saves, (up to $1,500 total), DHA will match when the participant buys a house, (if the rules of the MSA Program are followed). 

·   Individual Development Accounts (IDA). The Mile High United Way offers the Individual Development Account (IDA) for homeownership, post-secondary education, and starting a business. IDAs offer a 4:1 match on up to $1000. There are income restrictions to open this account.

Incentive Plus Classes

Incentive Plus classes are offered to all DHA residents.  These classes cover a variety of topics including real estate, self sufficiency, employment, and more.  Participants receive $20.00 coupons towards their home purchase for every class that they attend. Incentive Plus coupons can be redeemed only at the time of closing with approval of DHA’s Homeownership Program. 


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