Each DHA development and building operates a Local Resident Council (LRC). The Resident Council Board (RCB) is the governing body of all DHA’s LRCs.  RCB Executive Officers, in partnership with the RCS Department, assist LRC and RCB members to operate successful, high functioning councils. The RCB holds a bi-monthly meeting for all DHA residents over the age of 18 and provides three conferences a year.

Purpose of Resident Council

The LRCs and RCB serve as self governing organizations of a development or building of a DHA-managed property. The principal purposes of the RCB and the LRCs are to:

  • Advocate for residents before DHA and other agencies.
  • Evaluate physical and social conditions at respective developments or buildings.
  • Encourage programs and activities designed to promote leadership, education, safety, and self-sufficiency.
  • Encourage good working relationships between residents and DHA staff.
  • Determine the needs of each development or building.

LRC/RCB Handbook

To find out more specific information about the RCB and LRC’s see the LRC/RCB Handbook Click Here.

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