Building long-term, sustainable business partnerships with local companies that can help meet our purchasing needs is a standing commitment of DHA’s Procurement Services Department.  Listed below are a few of our on-going efforts for reaching that goal.

 Monthly Meet & Greet

Companies that are newly registered with DHA have an opportunity to personally meet with a Procurement Services representative during one of our monthly Meet & Greet sessions.  Twenty minutes is dedicated for each entrepreneur to present their company and discuss upcoming contracting opportunities.  Once registered through DHA’s E-Procurement system, call the Procurement Services department at 720-932-3070 to find out more.

Annual Procurement Open House

Our Annual Procurement Open House provides business owners from across the metropolitan area with an opportunity to learn about DHA’s current priorities; receive the contracting schedule for the coming year; conduct one-on-one sessions with procurement decision makers; and network with DHA senior management and staff.