​​​Term Ends 2021 

Fernando Sergio Ferrufino, a U.S. Veteran and better known as Fernando Sergio, is one of the most respected and recognized Spanish spea​king broadcasters in Colorado. With more than 20 years of experience, Fernando achieved several milestones in our State. He was News Anchor for the Telemundo Network, play by play for Denver Bronco games on KBNO Radio, becoming the 1st Spanish broadcaster to call a Super Bowl game, and also the first Spanish broadcaster to conduct a live interview of a sitting President of the United States.

 In 2005, Fernando started a community advocacy radio show called “La Voz del Pueblo,” which became widely popular in the Hispanic community. To this day, his show is a community resource that has allowed listeners to engage directly and advocate on the airwaves seeking to resolve pressing matters at the personal and community level.

 As the Executive Producer and Director of “La Voz del Pueblo”, Fernando provides strategic content that is relevant to the experience of Spanish speakers in Colorado, Fernando has established the “go-to” daily program in our state and he has earned the trust and respect of the burgeoning Latino community in the region.