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Mario M. Carrera is an accomplished senior executive in top rated media sales, television, radio and online properties with a successful track record of growing cash-flow margins. His extensive experience involves the formulation of company strategies, plans and objectives. Mr. Carrera's achievements include top reve­nue generation with major communications companies, including Univision. Mr. Carrera's total sales and management background includes over thirty years in Senior Management responsibilities with radio and television stations in several markets across the United States such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fresno and Bakersfield. Mr. Carrera's entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic have allowed him to accumulate notable busi­ness skills, community recognition and experience while accomplishing meaningful objectives in the markets he has served.

 As Entravision’s most recent Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Carrera lead for seven years all sales activities across the country in­cluding the execution ​of revenue strategies and innovative client-centric integrated mar­keting solutions with 56 Television Stastions, 49 Radio Stations, a National Radio Network and various Digital Properties. Mr. Carrera’s prior role was as Senior Vice President of Spanish-Lan­guage Television, overseeing and managing all of Entravision's Spanish language televi­sion properties. Carrera also previously led Entravision's Radio, Television and Interactive assets in Colo­rado as the Vice President and General Manager for eight years. Mr. Carrera's success in media management is directly attributed to his belief that the main purpose of mass media is to enhance the lives and economic wellbeing of the community served through education, information and entertainment.

 Mr. Carrera is a graduate of Harvard University, studied at El Colegio de Mexico and participated in pro­fessional development programs offered through the University of California Los Angeles and the North­western University, Kellogg School of Business.