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Buying Departments 

 Procurement Services

The Procurement Services Department is dedicated to the procurement of all commodities and services at the best value within an environment of fair and open competition. 

Our procurement process is administered with the best interest of DHA in mind, with documentation and records maintained to detail the significant history of the procurement, selection of contract type, contractor selection or rejection and the basis for the contract price.

Procurement Services is also committed to providing outreach and technical counseling on our procurement process to maximize contracting opportunities within the business community while also obtaining the MBE/WBE, Section 3, and other Agency goals established by our Board of Commissioners. 

Building long-term, sustainable business partnerships with local companies that can help meet DHA’s purchasing needs remains as one of our standing commitments.

Federal and State standards and regulations as well as the HUD Handbook and DHA Policy and Procedures govern our staff.

 Housing Management

The goal of the Housing Management Division is to provide well-managed, quality, service-enriched affordable housing to seniors, families and individuals with special needs.  With over 4,000 units of high-rise, row-type and dispersed housing in Denver, Housing Management is aiming to standardize the types of products and services we access across the portfolio for the success and sustainability of DHA’s future.

 Real Estate

The goal of the Development Department is to construct model sustainable developments that provide exceptional rental and for-sale housing opportunities for a mixed-income population.  DHA’s Development Department is responsible for increasing housing opportunities and planning for the future in the Denver area.


The Management Information Systems Department is committed to providing a state-of-the-art information technology and telecommunications infrastructure that is responsive, reliable and cost efficient.  MIS’ mission is to provide quality customer service and technical support for internal and external customers in order to increase the overall effectiveness and productivity of all DHA divisions.

 Resident & Community Services

The mission of DHA’s Resident and Community Services Department is to promote positive resident relations and provide educational, employment and home ownership opportunities.


The mission of the Legal Department is to provide quality legal services to the Denver Housing Authority.  While DHA as an institution is our client, legal services are provided to the Board of Commissioners, the Executive Director, Chief Operating Officers, and other representatives of DHA who raise questions relating to the legal interests of DHA. 

In order to fulfill the above described mission, the Legal Department regularly procures services in the following areas: general legal services covering a variety of substantive areas of law, Section 504 and fair housing and equal opportunity consulting services, service of process as well as all procurements related to human resources.  Special litigation and other services are procured on an as-needed basis in response to DHA’s needs.


The Accounting Department is responsible for providing all accounting services for DHA including payroll, accounts payable, cash management and accounts receivable as well as timely and secure internal/external financial reporting while ensuring that proper financial controls are in place to protect DHA’s assets.




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