​Mulroy Community Center Improvements ARRA Project 



ARRA Capital Fund Recovery Competitive Award of $1,355,000 with matching funds of $914,430 to improve the Mulroy Community Center & Residences to become more energy efficient, create universal access to facilities and light rail station, transform underutilized gym into a venue for community supportive service classes/seminars, and provide new resident amenities that support healthy living


Improvement Highlights:

  • Newly paved parking lot
  • Relocated entry way and trellis
  • New roofing
  • ADA compliant bathrooms, entries and access to future light rail station
  • Denver Urban Garden and community deck space (shed, bbq, furniture)
  • Solar thermal trellis (projected to offset 50% of Mulroy Residences’ domestic hot water demand)
  • High efficient LED exterior lighting and interior efficiency upgrades
  • New fencing
  • Complete landscaping (40% complete)
  • New windows, carpet, paint and bathroom finishes
  • Sprinkler system installation
  • Multi-purpose gym area renovation
  • Audio visual system