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Block 4B 

 The Real Estate Department has recently completed the construction of Block 4B of the Park Avenue Redevelopment. This phase consists of 89 rental units.

In such efforts, the Department is committed to incorporating sustainability practices to meet the Authority’s goals on going green. This includes integrating urban agriculture into its projects. The Real Estate Department had allocated money in the budget for Block 4B to employ the non-profit, Denver Urban Garden to establish an urban garden on the site that will serve local residents as well as connect the Ebert Elementary School and senior living Bean Tower communities.

For 25 years Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) has helped bring almost 100 gardens into the urban environment mostly in low-income neighborhoods. They assist in the implementation and maintenance of each garden with services including: planning, design, coordination, construction and training volunteers. For more on Denver Urban Gardens please visit www.dug.org 


To contact the management office:

Ross Property Management
At Benedict Park Place
305 Park Avenue West
Denver, CO 80205


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