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Section 8 Portability 

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) formerly known as Section 8

New families are not able to port immediately; and are required to live within the City and County of Denver for the initial lease term (typically 1 year).

Information regarding Porting into the Denver Housing Authority’s (DHA) jurisdiction:

Effective February 1, 2020 the DHA, Housing Choice Voucher department is billing for incoming portability families whom lease in DHA’s jurisdiction.  Please note that the availability of funding to the DHA impact a family’s ability to transfer in or out of the DHA’s jurisdiction.

Housing Agencies, please send Portability request to the address below: 

Denver Housing Authority
PO Box 40305
Denver, CO  80204-0305
 Attn:  HCV Portability
Fax Number: 720-932-3073

Once the Incoming Portability documents are reviewed and approved families will be scheduled for an orientation.  Orientations are scheduled on Wednesday’s at 1:30 p.m.  During orientation DHA policies and procedures will be reviewed. 

A review and determination of income eligibility as well as a review of the criminal related activities will be completed for all adult applicants whom have been newly admitted into the Housing Choice Voucher program before granting permission to lease in DHA’s HCV jurisdiction.  

Persons owing money to a Housing Agency are encouraged to resolve the Bad Debt matter prior to porting into DHA jurisdiction.  Failure to do so may jeopardize the housing assistance. 

Porting to another PHA:

Currently assisted DHA participants whom would like to transfer a Housing Choice Voucher to another Housing agency jurisdiction must first be issued a voucher to move and fill out a “Request to Transfer out of Denver Housing Authority Jurisdiction” form.  Specifying the Public Housing Agency (PHA) where the voucher is to be transferred. If two different PHAs serve the same area, the participant may select the desired PHA.  DHA will select the PHA upon family request.

Participants whom owe money to DHA will be asked to cure the debt full prior to leaving DHA jurisdiction, this may avoid delays in the portability process and the processing of a Bad Debt in the HUD’s reporting system. Please note that failure to resolve debts or maintain a repayment agreement may result in termination of housing assistance.  Changes to household composition and or income should be processed prior to transferring out of DHA’s jurisdiction.


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