DHA arrives into 2022 with new style...

Everything we do from processing checks to celebrating resident successes says something about us. The more in sync we are when articulating—and living out—the Denver Housing Authority brand, the more effective we’ll be at communicating how DHA creates vibrant and sustainable communities.

What is a brand?

A brand is who we are. It’s not just the verbal and visual expressions of identity, it’s also how we express our identity through action. Every transaction. Every email. Every client conversation matters. A brand is who we are down to our core. It’s how we live our mission.

What is DHA’s brand?

We create and develop thriving, sustainable communities and neighborhoods.

What does DHA do?

DHA provides affordable housing opportunities while helping families enjoy better quality of life and greater pride.

Who does DHA serve?

DHA serves over 26,000 very low-, low-, and middle-income Denver residents, managing over 12,000 housing units throughout the city

Our story is a legacy in the making...

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