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*Chief Executive Officer

The Organization:
The Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (DHA) is the largest Public Housing Authority in the Rocky Mountain Region and the largest landlord of subsidized rental housing in the city of Denver with approximately 375 budgeted employees and an annual operating budget of $287 million. DHA is award-winning and nationally recognized for its innovative approaches to neighborhood revitalization and the development of sustainable, transit-oriented, mixed-income communities of choice.

DHA develops and provides high-quality, affordable housing with responsive services, enabling people and communities to thrive. Its vision is that every individual or family shall have quality and affordable housing, in communities offering empowerment, economic opportunity, and a vibrant living environment. DHA is invested in progressive housing development that is sustainable, energy-efficient and utilizes Active Living Guidelines that inform the built environment and building designs, including active stairwells, natural light, bike/pedestrian friendly, urban gardens, and community gathering spaces.

DHA has a portfolio of over 13,000 units and housing choice vouchers, providing affordable housing to more than 26,000 very low-, low- and middle-income individuals representing over 10,000 families. DHA offers a variety of housing programs including subsidized, affordable, and market-rate housing and owns and operates approximately 2,967 conventional public housing units that are subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), nearly 1,619 subsidized multi-family units, 839 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) units, and approximately 446 other locally funded housing units.

DHA also administers the federal Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, formerly known as Section 8. The HCV program makes it possible for low-income residents to live in privately owned rental housing throughout the city. DHA acts as an agent for HUD in this program, making subsidy payments to the private landlords of HCV program participants. DHA, on behalf of HUD, administers over 8,000 Housing Choice Vouchers.

In addition to federal programs, DHA has created various instrumentalities to explore and develop innovative techniques for providing alternative housing possibilities and avenues for achieving financial self-sufficiency for the low- to moderate-income residents of Denver. These programs have allowed DHA the flexibility to develop several public/private partnerships providing a variety of housing opportunities for Denver residents.DHA strives continuously to support our residents toward economic self-sufficiency. DHA offers various programs for the children, youth, adults, and seniors participating in our housing programs, which are designed to improve their quality of life. Innovative social ventures such as the Youth Employment Academy, Friends of DHA, Healthy Living Initiative, Connect Home Denver, the West Denver Renaissance Collaborative, Osage Café, and Decatur Fresh exemplify how DHA has gone beyond housing to make meaningful impacts in the health and quality of life of Denver’s lowest income and most vulnerable residents.

The development of DHA’s new central office in 2019 marked the creation of an innovative and resourceful site designed to reflect the agency’s continued focus on housing, people, health, and community. The headquarters has been developed as a multi-tenant building, bringing benefits to local nonprofits, small businesses, and Denver residents. This is only one of many examples of how DHA brings a holistic, inclusive, and community-focused lens to all of its work.

DHA is a quasi-municipal corporation governed by a nine-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor of Denver and approved by the City Council.

The Role:
Reports to: Board of Commissioners
Direct Reports: Seven (7) direct reports including the Chief Operating Officer & General
Counsel, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Real Estate Investment Officer,
Director – Resident & Community Connections, Director of Communications
& Public Relations, Director – Planning and Data, and Senior Executive
Location: Denver, CO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will provide strategic leadership and support to all DHA departments,
programs, and community stakeholders in a post-pandemic landscape and during a time of dynamic
change and growth.

They will build upon a strong foundation, working closely with the Board of Commissioners and DHA
leaders in advancing the agency’s mission and vision to promote thriving communities, and continue a
focus on neighborhood revitalization through resident empowerment, community partnerships, social
enterprise, and sustainable development.

The CEO will ensure that DHA remains fiscally sound and continues to seek out new entrepreneurial
avenues to positively impact Denver in affordable housing, community building, and addressing the
homelessness crisis to meet the needs and interests of its residents and the broader Denver Community.
Critical to the success of the role, and further delivering on the DHA mission, will be building a strong
relationship with the City’s new Mayor and administration, and ensuring DHA is an important contributor
and voice at the table in solving homelessness in the City.

Priorities of the position include but are not limited to:
*Oversee the implementation of the 2022-2027 strategic plan designed to leverage extraordinary
accomplishments made to date and support the current trajectory of innovative property
development, neighborhood transformation, community development, and resident
*Partner with a new Mayor and City Council, along with established mission-aligned institutions and
organizations to be involved in securing properties used for transitional, emergency, and
permanent housing.
*Be prepared to undertake growth and innovation in real estate development activity, including
financing mechanisms, and the impact that it will have on the organization and the community
moving forward.
*Participate in DHA resident engagement activities including attending monthly Resident Council
Board executive meetings.
*Provide continued support and leadership to DHA staff and residents.
*Embrace and expand the DEI Blueprint and execute on priority recommendations.
*Connect and network with federal, state, and local government officials and DHA partners.

Key Accountabilities:
Strategic Leadership & Board Relations
*Drive the vision and strategy for growth; engage both internal and external stakeholders to achieve
DHA’s mission and next level of impact.
*Explore trends within affordable housing and community development; work to develop new
programs; develop new strategies to make existing programs more successful.
*Maintain entrepreneurial efforts to increase non-HUD revenues through innovative funding
initiatives and partnerships with other entities.
*Ensure DHA secures the necessary resources through federal financial assistance, capital financing
and other financial instruments to meet its goals and objectives.
*Oversee the preparation of the annual budget for Board of Commissioners’ approval; keep the
Board informed of the financial health of DHA and other significant activities.
*Serve as a thought partner to the Board of Commissioners and ensure that relevant, accurate, and timely
information is provided to inform and guide the Board’s strategic level thinking.
*Secure the appointment of new Board Commissioners and ensure a smooth and effective
onboarding process.

External Relations, Partnership Development & Marketing
*Serve as chief champion and spokesperson representing DHA locally and nationally; leverage public
speaking opportunities; communicate with residents, financial partners, business professionals,
community leaders, union representatives, funders, legislators, government agencies and all
partners involved in DHA programs and projects.
*Maintain regular contact with the Mayor and serve as the primary communication link between
DHA and HUD officials.
*Promote ongoing dialogue with the Homeless Leadership Council and other key groups to seek
input on DHA’s role in addressing homelessness, innovating housing solutions, and improving
housing conditions and supply in the city.
*Promote DHA as one of the City of Denver’s top developers by designing and developing communities
that are recognized as meeting the needs of their residents and neighbors.
*Ensure DHA developments lead to neighborhood revitalization through strategic alliances with
community stakeholders and strategic leveraging of mixed-use and mixed-income development
*Develop strategic partnerships that lead to the maximum leveraging of financial, human, and
organizational resources that advance the mission of the agency at every opportunity.

Community Leadership & Resident Engagement
*Maintain strong relationships with Local Resident Councils and Resident Council Board; empower
residents to participate in the governance and oversight of their property and support individual
and collective efforts to improve the condition and quality of their neighborhood, and to achieve
*Strive to make all DHA communities active, vibrant, and healthy places to live while delivering
quality training, education, and employment opportunities and other related services to residents
of all ages.
*Maximize opportunities for disadvantaged residents, businesses, and communities; promote
resident employment and micro-business formation.
*Ensure the posterity of future and existing residents through operational efficiency, policy that
reduces harm and resident retention and success.
*Attend and participate in meetings and other community events; engage with City neighborhood
planning, advancing equity and anti-displacement initiatives.
*Ensure DHA is recognized for its innovative programs that achieve high levels of MBE/WBE/SBE
participation and create economic impact and opportunity in communities served.

Financial Management & Internal Leadership
*Provide general oversight of all DHA’s financial activities; ensure diversity of its revenue generating
initiatives and innovative financing strategies with a focus on financial sustainability.
*Ensure a strong system of asset management of DHA’s existing real estate portfolio utilizing
industry best practices; ensure residential properties are healthy, thriving communities and
commercial properties are managed and leveraged to maximum benefit.
*Align financial resources to best support strategic goals; ensure the effective management of dayto-
day operations and a highly functioning organization.
*Together with CFO oversee the development of the annual operating budget for the organization;
ensure that the organization is in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and
obligations and operates within approved budget guidelines.
*Provide inspirational leadership and management of the staff; support a high-performing team,
create continuous opportunities for growth and development across the organization.

Candidate Profile:
Professional Experience:
*Minimum of ten (10) years of executive management and leadership experience including strategic
planning and execution in affordable housing, real estate development and property management,
homeless services, community development, or public administration.
*Track record of developing and executing strategic plans; creating and monitoring budgets,
negotiating complex financial transactions; ability to structure complex development and
redevelopment deals.
*Broad general management experience in large organizations across finance/finance development,
human resources, operations/technology, marketing, programming, fundraising, and working with
*Achievement in change environments, bringing to scale complex organizations and projects; adept
at assessing operational requirements necessary to support sustainable growth and healthy
organizational culture.
*Fundraising ability with a track record of building innovative partnerships and diversifying revenue
and other funding streams.
*Experience working collaboratively with internal and external constituents including residents,
unions, financial institutions, community leaders, politicians, HUD, and organizational partners.
*Experience working collaboratively with a Board of Commissioners or Directors.
*Superior mentoring, professional development, people management and leadership skills; inspiring
team builder who engenders trust and builds group commitment to goals and objectives.
*Multicultural management experience, including recruitment, management, and development of
diverse teams.

Personal Attributes:
*Passion and commitment to the mission and vision of DHA and it’s unique role in Denver as a
progressive leader in neighborhood transformation and community development.
*Experienced community leader comfortable building relationships and strategic partnerships in
diverse settings; experienced at community visioning.
*Visionary leader open to innovative ideas, able to manage and drive change, and willing to take
calculated risks.
*Growth-oriented with strong organizational and management skills; ability to delegate and roll up
*Champion of inclusivity and equity at all levels of the organization, in the community and especially
with DHA residents; committed to maintaining strong resident services and fostering resident
*Strong business acumen in financial and real estate development; highly numerate, strives for
continuous improvement; translates goals/initiatives into action.
*Servant leadership approach; demonstrates high emotional intelligence, and conveys respect.

Preferred Qualifications:
*Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
*MBA or related advanced degree or its equivalent

For this position, the starting salary commences at $285,000 annually and can be increased depending
on the average salary of the peer range. This is a full-time exempt position. DHA offers a competitive
benefits package including paid time off, retirement contribution, tuition assistance, and medical, life,
and disability insurances.

The Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver is an Equal Opportunity Employer
If you or someone in your network is interested in exploring this opportunity,
please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Janet Albert
Partner, Bridge Partners

Larry Griffin
Partner, Bridge Partners