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Denver Housing Authority Adjusts Employee Compensation   

DENVER – (Monday, November 6, 2023) The Denver Housing Authority (DHA) announced today that a compensation survey has been completed and salaries for all positions have been reevaluated to support DHA’s ability to recruit and retain quality employees. 

Gallagher Benefit Service, Inc. conducted the compensation survey between December 2022 and August of 2023. A thorough analysis of DHA’s salaries was conducted by gathering data and comparing salaries to similar organizations. This resulted in a comprehensive salary survey that now supports DHA’s ability to recruit and retain employees at a competitive wage.  

“Based on the completed compensation survey, we have been able to adjust salaries across the board so they more clearly reflect the work being done and are in alignment with similar organizations,” Joshua Crawley, interim chief executive officer said. “We are confident we can continue to attract highly qualified individuals to help us further our mission.” 

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