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DHA Availability

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The lottery will be open September 15-16, 2022


Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers Open
Lottery September 15-16, 2022
Subsidized Housing with Children
Families with Children, Disabled Family, Elderly  Family 
Subsidized Housing Elderly; 62 years and older
Elderly (62+) or  Elderly Family (one or more 62+)
Subsidized Housing Near Elderly; 50 years and older
Near  elderly, 50 years and older 
Subsidized Housing Disabled
Bean Towers 
Disabled, Elderly (62+) or Elderly  Family (one or more 62+)
Globeville Townhomes – Tax Credit Contact office for  status   720-946-6032 
Villages at Curtis Park Contact office for  status   303-298-9400  
Benedict Park Place Apts Applications  can be picked up at 305 Park  Ave West, Denver, Co 80205.   303-297-1019
Tapiz Disabled, Elderly (62+)  or Elderly Family 62+,  Non Smoking   720-932-3020
Disabled, Elderly  (62+)
Shoshone Available to All   720-932-3020
Studebaker Lofts Available to All   720-932-3020
Pancratia Hall Lofts Individuals or households who meet
 income and household size requirements may apply.
  720 932 3146
655 Broadway St Serving elderly and disabled; income limits apply – housing choice vouchers accepted.   720 932 3004