February 2023 Housing Provider News

HCV Landlord Responsibilities

As an HCV landlord, you must meet certain obligations while providing housing to our
participants. You must maintain housing standards, address tenant issues in a timely manner, give rent change notices, etc. Please see more below:

  •  You must set non-discriminatory procedure: Landlords must use the same qualifying standards for everyone. The Federal Fair Housing Act protects tenants from discriminatory actions that may prevent them from gaining access to adequate housing options. Property owners cannot disqualify prospective tenants based on color, race, religion, sex, disability, national origin, or familial status. It is illegal for an HCV landlord to have additional requirements for prospective tenants with housing assistance vouchers than they would for non-HCV applicants.
  • You must maintain Housing Quality Standards: Your property must pass an initial inspection. It must be sanitary, safe, and fully functional. You must also undergo yearly inspections to ensure that you are complying with the performance standards set by the HUD. If your property does not pass the first time; you may have the chance to make the appropriate repairs and undergo a second inspection.
  • You must send notices within a reasonable time frame: If a tenant fails to submit payment on time, you must send a notice with a deadline to pay the rent in a timely manner. Landlords may not evict tenants for failure to pay rent or for breaching the rental agreement without giving adequate notice.
  • Notify tenants of rent increase: You can only raise a tenant’s rent after submitting a
    request to the Denver Housing Authority. This is usually a form that can be found on our website. The form will be assessed and approved by our team. You can only
    attempt to raise the rent once a year.
  • Adhere to the Terms of the Lease Agreement: You must follow the terms of the lease agreement, as well as local landlord-tenant laws, when renting to a tenant with a housing choice voucher.
Landlord Seminars

Some good news … We will be hosting our landlord seminars this year both online and in-person. The seminar will be a unique opportunity for new and existing landlords to learn how the HCV program works from the landlord’s perspective. We are currently working on the schedules for 2023. The details of the upcoming seminars will be available on our website, and we will also send them out by email. Stay tuned!

Landlord Brochure

We will be sending out our newly designed Landlord Information Brochure which features everything you need to know about inspections, the lease-up process, unit-eligibility, landlord eligibility, and much more. 

The brochure is designed to supplement the lease agreement and offer information and resources to be an informed landlord. 

Marketing to HCV Tenants

Many people with housing vouchers look for units using standard search engines like craigslist.org, zillow.com, affordablehousing.com, and others. As a landloard one way to let applicants know that you welcome HCV is by adding information on the property description on these platforms to indicate an interest in HCV renters such as, “Housing Choice Vouchers accepted” or “Section 8 Welcome.” DHA also host a unit listing service on our website. Please visit to learn more about it. 

Landlord Portal

Please visit the landlord portal on our website as this is a great tool for you to access information about your accounts from anywhere with internet access. If you are already an active HCV landlord, your account has already been established and you account information has been mailed to you.

You can use the portal to:

  • Update your bank account information
  • View your ledger.
  • View your unit inspection results.
  • View tenant certification specialist information.
  • Update your contact information.

Rent Increases

Remember to complete the rent increase form 60 days before the anticipated effective date of the increase

Landlord Feedback
As always, we value your feedback, please send any ideas or concerns to S8Landlords@denverhousing.org.

How to Prepare for a Move-In Inspection?

Home inspections are pretty straightforward. Before participants can move in, an inspector must check to see that the property meets the HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. Here is how to prepare your property for that inspection

  • Units MUST be move-in ready!
  • All items in the unit MUST belong to the tenant moving in. 
  • Working smoke and carbon on each level within 15 ft of the bedrooms or just on each level. 
  • No broken glass/windows throughout the unit.
  • No water leaks in or out of the unit.
  • No electrical hazards in the unit. For example, switch/outlet plates must be on.
  • No Double Deadbolt Locks on any door in the unit. 

Please keep in mind that non-working smoke and carbon detectors are now considered an emergency and will be a 24 hour’s notice of termination of contract.

Have any questions? Please contact the Inspections department at 720.932.3232.

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