Homebuyer Education


Denver Housing Authority (DHA) as a HUD-Approved Counseling Agency, offers a Homeownership Program to provide educational and financial benefits to its participants. This program is designed to educate individuals on how they can become “loan ready”. With the assistance of the Homeownership Program, over 200 DHA residents have become home owners.

Homebuyer's Education Classes

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Metro Denver

JUNE 3, 2023—in person class – 9:00-2:30pm (13th and Lowell) https://cvent.me/0XdB3q

July 8, 2023 in person (10th and Osage) https://cvent.me/NnqGyx

August 05, 2023 in person (10th and Osage) https://cvent.me/3AdGQ3

September 09, 2023 in person (10th and Osage) https://cvent.me/m94bxm

Metro Denver and Statewide 

JUNE 21, 2023 – virtual class – 3:00-8:30pm https://cvent.me/ErlO39

ONLINE, SELF-PACED Homebuyer Education Classwww.ehomeamerica.org/dha   – fee is $75 per person. 

July 19, 2023 virtual/zoom https://cvent.me/9OPGgA

August 16, 2023 virtual/zoom https://cvent.me/r9oPV0

September 20, 2023 virtual/zoom https://cvent.me/D0RGV2