November 2023 Housing Provider News

Denver Housing Authority is Required to Implement New Standards in 2024

The Denver Housing Authority (DHA) will be required to implement NSPIRE which is a new model of how housing authorities are to inspect HUD-assisted housing. The new Standards are effective September 1, 2024. NSPIRE aligns and combines HUD programs to a single set of inspection standards, which replaces the Housing Quality Standards (HQS). The mission is to ensure that all residents live in safe, habitable dwellings. The items and components outside and within the units must be functionally adequate, operable, and free of health and safety hazards. To prepare our housing providers, we will be providing information on the changes in each newsletter issue. This issue we will focus on the following:

Entry Doors: (for inside and entering the Unit).

  • Must be secured by at least 1 installed lock for all entry doors to include sliding doors. Acceptable forms of installed locks include ones that can be engaged from both sides and the exterior side can be engaged with a key, keypad, keycard, code, etc.


  • If the window is designed to open, then it must be able to open and stay open without the use of a tool or item. If this standard is not met, it will fail. 
  • If the window cannot be secured or locked it will be considered a failed item. The following items are not acceptable: stick/wooden dowel or other devices that are not attached to the window assembly. If the window will not close it is considered a failure item. However, if there is a permanently installed window-mounted air conditioner present, then this deficiency under window is disregarded. 
  • A window that is damaged or missing components (such as screens missing on any windows and/or has a hole, tear or cut 1 inch or greater is functionally inadequate and will fail under this standard. 

If you would like more information on the above items, contact Mark Brown, HCV Housing Navigator, at 720-932-3192. 

Do you have a Vacancy?

The HCVP has partnered with, an online housing search platform for housing providers to list available units. HCVP participants are encouraged weekly to search this website for potential units in the private marketplace. List your unit by visiting

Housing Provider Forms

For needed HCVP documents, visit our website, documents are now available online. Forms include Rent Increase Request, Direct Deposit, Ownership Change, Landlord Address Change, etc. Search the Documents Library section of the website.

Mandatory Space Heater Removal

While the majority of changes related to NSPIRE will not take effect until later in the year, there is a least one provision that is immediate. All unvented, fuel-burning space heaters must be removed as of January 1, 2024. NSPIRE will no longer allow for the use of this type of heater due to the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Please ensure that any such heaters are removed from the unit. 

Housing Provider Survey

In early 2024, the HCVP will be sending out a link to complete our Housing Provider survey. This provides DHA with valuable feedback regarding what we are doing well, and where we can improve. DHA strives to be responsive to the needs of all of our stakeholders, and your input is vital. If you are not sure that we have the best email address for you, please contact us at to provide an update. 


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