Performance Scores

Vida at Sloans housing on W. Colfax
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DHA's Performance Indicators

DHA operates two major federal housing programs, the Public Housing program and the Section 8 program. These two programs are assessed by HUD each year and these assessments carry a lot of significance to each housing authority.

91 PHAS Score

The Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) was established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by final rule published on September 1, 1998. Under the PHAS, HUD evaluates a public housing agency (PHA) based on four key indicators:  (1) The physical condition of the PHA’s properties; (2) the PHA’s financial condition;  (3) the PHA’s management operations; and (4) the resident’s assessment (through a resident survey) of the PHA’s performance.

Other Assessments
100% Semap Score

The Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) measures the performance of PHAs administering the housing choice voucher program.  2000 was the first year in which PHAs were formally evaluated under SEMAP.  There are 14 indicators of performance that show whether PHA’s help eligible families afford decent rental units at a reasonable subsidy cost as intended by Federal housing legislation.