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Residents move into office building converted into affordable housing in Denver

Author: Jeremy Jojola | December 12, 2023

DENVER — A renovated office building converted into an affordable housing complex is now home for the first few people who began moving in this past week. 

“It’s a blessing and I thank God that I was accepted into the program,” Rashid Sayles said as he spoke from inside a new apartment at 655 Broadway. 

Sayles, 53, uses a wheelchair after a gunshot injury paralyzed him from the waist down. He said his new home will help him focus on physical therapy and walking again without stressing about housing. 

“I’ll be alright. I’ll be walking, hopefully by the summer. That’s my goal,” Sayles said. 

Sayles is among the first residents to move into the former office building the Denver Housing Authority purchased from Denver Health for $5 million in 2020. 

Thanks to $18 million in tax credits from a nonprofit, the 110-unit complex will serve as home for people who are at risk of experiencing homelessness, live with disabilities or have been discharged from the hospital with nowhere to go. 

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