Strategic Initiatives for 2022

“I like the dreams of the future better than the past.” I share this as I believe the DHA dreams about the future are bright and inevitable. People like us are not afraid to dream of bold, big ideas and positive outcomes. We are also not fearful of putting in the hard work to make those ideas reality. 

In 2022, I dream of us working together to:

  1. Build more affordable housing units in Denver,
  2. Maintaining our current housing stock to a level we would all be proud to live in,
  3. Expanding our Voucher program so more people can reside in a quality house,
  4. Increasing our partnerships to assist our residents in their daily lives,
  5. Assisting our youth to find career and educational paths to success, and
  6. Uplifting current and future employees in their personal journeys.

Onward and forward! – David Nisivoccia