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Warren Village Creates More Affordable Housing With City Partnership

By: ELLIE SULLUM Posted on February 23, 2022

Solving Denver’s housing crisis requires all hands on deck. City government, housing developers, community organizers and nonprofit organizations all play a role in providing long-term solutions. These partnerships allow Denver to tailor each approach to meet the needs of specific communities affected. 

On Nov. 17, 2021, Warren Village announced a partnership with Denver Housing Authority (DHA) to build an affordable 74-home apartment complex and expand its services to thousands more community members in Denver.

Affordable Housing Partnerships

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Since 1974, Warren Village has worked to sustain comprehensive community structures allowing thousands of families to maintain stability and prosper. They work in three main areas: safe and affordable housing, parent services, and access to early education and childcare. In a city on the  fast track to becoming wholly unaffordable, Warren Village is one community pillar preventing that outcome.

ver the last 47 years, Warren Village has provided housing and services for over 8,000 Denver residents. 

A unique function of DHA’s partnership with Warren Village is a commitment to provide comprehensive services for low-income families in Denver. Providing access to affordable housing is essential to managing the city’s housing crisis. However, struggling families tend to need additional services to achieve long-term stability. Through the partnership, Warren Village can offer high-quality housing, education and wellness resources to residents in their new complex. Typically, Warren Village residents are either transitioning out of homelessness or in an unstable housing arrangement.

Constructing A New Housing Complex

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DHA is a quasi-municipal corporation that oversees and maintains 12,000 affordable housing units in Denver. Quasi-municipal corporations are typically organizations appointed by elected officials, but largely operate without them. Additionally, DHA frequently engages in community partnerships that strengthen the quality of life for their residents.

Funded by a D3 bond program, the partnership allows for the creation of a new housing complex and expanded community services. Located at 1394 W. Alameda Ave. and 1373 W. Nevada Pl. in Denver, the 74-home complex will serve single-parent families, with many transitioning out of homelessness. With expanded programs, Warren Village intends to offer a new early learning center, playgrounds, community gardens and outdoor community venues. 

“This partnership will provide affordable and supportive housing options for all types of families in this neighborhood, and it will provide direct access to educational opportunities for children of all ages. Warren Village is a partner that will deliver on our promise to provide affordable and sustainable homes to our Denver families,” said David Nisivoccia, DHA’s executive director, in a statement.

A Comprehensive Approach to Stability 

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While providing stable housing is a critical step towards transitioning out of homelessness, in reality, no one strategy alone can solve the housing crisis. Folks who receive housing but no behavioral health care or wellness support are still at risk of failing to reach long-term stability. Homelessness is a complicated, traumatic experience, and requires a nuanced and trauma-informed response.

Warren Village has a strong understanding of the trauma-informed approach needed to secure stability for families, which results in high success rates for their residents. Many are eventually able to secure affordable housing outside of Warren Village, and a growing portion go on to earn degrees in higher education. 

DHA expects the new housing complex to open as early as mid-2024. 

“We are grateful to the taxpayers of Denver for making possible this next step in our journey to open a third affordable housing and supportive services facility in this first-of-its-kind partnership with the Denver Housing Authority. This is a huge win for hard-working single parents transitioning out of homelessness in our community,” said Ethan Hemming, president and CEO of Warren Village, in a statement.

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