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Ready to move?

I want to move... what are the steps?

  • Are you within your initial lease term?  
    • If yes, the move is not allowed. 
      • Do you still want to move? If yes, did your unit fail a recent inspection? 
        • If yes, following the instructions on the failed inspection notice. 
        • If no, see your Certification Specialist.
    • If no, provide a written notice based on your lease agreement to both DHA and your housing provider. 
      • Would you like a Notice to Vacate form now? If yes, click a link to take them to the Notice to Vacate form.
  • Voucher Extension – I would like to request an extension of my Housing Choice Voucher. 

    Please contact your Certification Specialist, please note that vouchers holders are allowed two 30 day extensions for a total of 120 days.  If your voucher has exceeded 120 days an additional extension may not be available.

More FAQs

How do I submit a Request for Lease Approval?

Mail P.O Box 40305, Denver, Colorado 80204-0305, Fax 720.932.3002, E-Mail  or Drop Box or in person Tues – Friday 8 a.m. -4:30 p.m. at 1401 Mariposa Street, Denver, Colorado 80204.

How long will it take to know if my request is approved or denied? 

This process may take up to 5 business days.

What happens if my request is denied? 

You will be notified by your Certification Specialist and allowed to continue your search for housing provided there were search days available on your voucher when it was submitted. 

What happens if my voucher was approved? 

If your voucher was approved, someone from the Inspection department will contact both you and your housing provider to schedule a date and time for the inspection to occur.  

Do DHA HCV offer virtual or remote inspections? 

Yes, please notify the Inspector if you are requesting a remote inspection.  Please note that the landlord must agree to a remote inspection. 

How do I prepare for a remote inspection? 

Remote Inspection kits and instructions are available for pick-up prior to the inspection.  Notify the Inspector if a remote inspection kit or detailed instructions regarding the process is needed. 

Can I move into the unit prior to the inspection? 

We do not advise that families move into a unit prior to the unit passing inspection. 

What if I want to relocate to another City or State, is that allowed?

Yes, if you are eligible to move.  Please notify your Certification Specialist where you would like to relocate, we can assist you to determine which PHA you should contact. 

Link to Request to Transfer form. Return forms to