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Housing Providers

HCV Housing Providers Information

The Housing Choice Voucher program is the federal government’s major program for assisting very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market. Since housing assistance is provided on behalf of the family or individual, participants are able to find their own housing, including single-family homes, townhouses and apartments.

A housing subsidy is paid to the housing provider directly by the PHA on behalf of the participating family. The family then pays the difference between the actual rent charged by the housing provider and the amount subsidized by the program. 

The role of the housing provider in the voucher program is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to a tenant at a reasonable rent. The dwelling unit must pass the program’s housing quality standards and be maintained up to those standards as long as the owner receives housing assistance payments. In addition, the housing provider is expected to provide the services agreed to as part of the lease signed with the tenant and the contract signed with the PHA.

For more information and to see if you qualify, please email

Housing Provider Forms
Housing provider Portal

Welcome to Housing Provider Portal, a great tool for Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) housing provider to manage information with Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (DHA). This site will allow you to review a history of your HAP payments by resident and payment date.

Add Rental Listing

Advertising and locating property has never been easier!

The Denver Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)/Section 8 Division has partnered with and (Colorado Housing Search) which are enhanced programs for listing rental properties online.

Listings are available to potential Housing Choice Voucher tenants seeking apartment units, duplexes, single-family homes or townhomes in the private market.

If you have any questions regarding registering, creating or viewing property listings, please contact the GoSection8 toll free help line at 1-866-466-7328.

Housing Providers add your rental property Tenants view rental listings

Add Photos

It is recommended that Housing Providers add photos to their listing for better advertising and faster lease up!  To learn more about the Housing Choice Voucher program please join us for our free monthly housing provider sessions. 

To get started, just click on the link to Colorado Housing Search If you have any questions, need help searching or need a list sent to you, please call the toll-free bilingual call center at 877-428-8844.

Housing Provider Obligations

General Information

Housing Provider participation is an integral part of the Housing Choice Voucher (“HCV”) Program.  Without the assistance of housing providers, DHA would not be able to help the community as effectively.

Housing Provider Obligations
  • The housing provider should treat HCV renters the same as non-subsidized renters.
  • The Lease is between the housing provider and the family; DHA is not a party to the Lease.
  • The housing provider should collect a damage deposit that they deem appropriate.
  • The housing provider should always enforce the Lease for families that are non-compliant.  Copies of correspondences or documents should be provided to DHA.
  • Evictions are performed by the housing provider in accordance with state and local laws.
  • The housing provider should conduct periodic inspections of their units/properties to ensure that the family is maintaining the unit.
  • The issue of damages to the unit is between the housing provider and the family.  It is also the responsibility of the housing provider to maintain the unit in proper living condition.
  • The housing provider may charge their tenant(s) for tenant caused damages.

In accordance with 24 CFR, §982.306, DHA may disapprove an owner and/or cancel the Housing Assistance Payment (“HAP”) Contract for the following:–(Link to 24 CFR, Parts 982.)

The PHA must not approve an assisted tenancy if the PHA has been informed (by HUD or otherwise) that the owner is debarred, suspended, or subject to a limited denial of participation.

When directed by HUD, the PHA must not approve an assisted tenancy if:
  • The federal government has instituted an administrative or judicial action against the owner for violation of the Fair Housing Act or other federal equal opportunity requirements, and such action is pending: or
  • A court or administrative agency has determined that the owner violated the Fair Housing act or other federal equal opportunity requirements.
In its administrative discretion, the PHA may deny approval of an assisted tenancy for any of the following reasons:
  • The owner has violated obligations under a HAP contract under HCV.
  • The owner has committed fraud, bribery or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any federal housing program.
  • The owner has engaged in any drug-related criminal activity or any violent criminal activity.
  • The owner has a history or practice of non-compliance with the HQS for units leased under the tenant-based programs, or with applicable housing standards for units leased with project-based HCV assistance or leased under any other federal housing program.
  • The owner has a history or practice of failing to terminate tenancy of tenants of units assisted under HCV or any other federally assisted housing program for activity engaged in by the tenant, any member of the household, a guest or another person under the control of any member of the household that:
  • Threatens the right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents, threatens the health or safety of other residents, of employees of the PHA, or of owner employees or other persons engaged in management of the housing, threatens the health or safety of, or the right to peaceful enjoyment of their residences, by persons residing in the immediate vicinity of the premises, or is drug-related criminal activity or violent criminal activity.
  • The owner has a history or practice of renting units that fail to meet State or local housing codes.
  • The owner has not paid state or local real estate taxes, fines or assessments.
  • The PHA must not approve a unit if the owner is the parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister, or brother of any member of the family, unless the PHA determines that approving the unit would provide reasonable accommodation for a family member who is a person with disabilities.

Rent Increases

The housing provider may request one rent increase every 12 months, at the end of the initial lease term for each individual unit.

The housing provider must give DHA and the family sixty (60) days written notice of the proposed rent increase request.

Each rent increase request must meet Rent Reasonableness in order to be approved.

The family has the option to move rather than accept the new rental amount.

Rent Reasonableness

DHA contracts with, the same company that lists available units for our participants to determine the rent reasonableness of a unit.

Rent reasonableness is calculated at the time of the initial inspection or when a rent increase is requested. If the requested rent exceeds the rent reasonableness, the rent will need to be reduced to the market area rent to execute the Lease and Contract. If the housing provider disagrees, the client will not be able to lease the unit. ​

There are a number of factors that determine rent reasonableness, including:
• Amenities
• Age of the unit
• Type of unit
• Square footage
• Number of bathrooms
• Year built

Owner/Agent Change of Address

A signed, written notice of a housing provider change of address must be given to DHA HCV office.  If an agent wants to be added, a copy of the management agreement between agent and owner must accompany their request.  The agent will also need to complete and sign the Certification Form for each client and complete a new W-9 Form.

Since Housing Assistance Payments (“HAP”) to housing provider/owners are processed on the last working day of the month, notice of any changes of address should be given to the HCV office far enough in advance to process the changes for the next check run.

Request for Stop Payment and Replacement check

Stop Payment Request: To request a stop payment on HCV housing assistance payment (HAP) check(s), please fax your written request to DHA’s HCV Department at 720-932-3002.  Reissues are processed within 30 days.  Once a request for stop payment request is made the original check is immediately voided and may not be cashed (even if the original check is received the same day as the stop payment request).

Replacement Check RequestTo request a replacement check for a HCV housing assistance payment, please fax your written request to DHA HCV Department at 720-932-3002.  Replacement checks are issued within 30 days and can only be “reissued” to the same vendor as noted on the original check.

If the housing provider did not cash their check and it has been cleared by the bank, whether the request is a stop payment or replacement check, the housing provider will need to complete and sign the Affidavit of Forgery form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DHA’s HCV checks are not forwarded; therefore, please keep the HCV Department informed of your current address at all times.

Change of Owner/Management

A change in ownership or management must be reported to Denver Housing Authority and all paperwork must be completed before the new owner/manager can be paid any housing assistance.  Any delays in reporting changes may result in the previous owner or manager receiving the housing assistance payment (HAP).  DHA is not responsible for recouping those payments.

Please go to the “Housing Provider Forms” section and print out the Change of Ownership/Management Packet.  All required forms and documentation must be mailed, faxed or emailed to the contact information on the form. 

The following information is necessary to process a change of ownership request:

  • Name and address of family residing in the contract unit
  • Old owner name
  • New owner/housing provider name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, fax number
  • Closing date

The following documents must be completed by the owner and submitted to the HCV office:

  • Proof of Ownership (Recorded/warranty/Other Deed)
  • Assignment of HAP Contract (form provided)
  • Housing Provider & Participant certification forms (forms provided)
  • W-9 (link to the IRS provided on last page of packet)
  • Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security card
  • Proof of Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Lead-based Paint form (Copy of form signed at sale of property)

To change a management company, please submit the following documentation:

  • Copy of new Management Agreement
  • Housing Provider & Participant certification forms (forms provided)
  • W-9 (link to the IRS provided on last page of packet)
  • Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security card

New owners and housing provider must be aware of the HCV program requirements. Each new owner/housing provider can request a Housing Provider Packet for reference from our Clerk Receptionist.  Also, please see our website for upcoming housing provider briefings.

Please go to the section Housing Provider Forms for the Change of Ownership/Management